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Linking related sites helps people find the information they are lookng for, and often search engines will use this information to help catalogue pages. Thus it is mutually beneficial to link such sites together.

Derby Church Net is linked to most Christian websites in Derbyshire via Find a Church. Why not link your local church website back here?

The link to use is - note that other pages may be subject to change without notice and could cause a broken link if it is no longer available.


Why not use one of these logos to link to us? To download, simply right click on the one you want, and choose "Save Picture As..." (or similar, depending on your browser) We recommend you store the file on your site rather than embeding pictures from our server in case of site reorganisation.

Please note that these logos are provided solely for the use of church congregations or other Christian organisations within Derbyshire to link to the Derby Church Net home page from their own site and must not be used for any other purpose without express permission from Derby Church Net. They should not be used to imply endorsement by Derby Church Net of (or association to) any group, belief or activity unless agreed beforehand. Please use them as given without modification (including the addition of transparent background or change of aspect ratio).

Small logos
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DCN Cross (35 x 50) Derby Church Net (88 x 50) Derby Church Net: One Church, Serving Derbyshire - (189 x 50)

Medium logos
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DCN Cross (70 x 100 Derby Church Net (176 x 100) Derby Church Net: One Church, Serving Derbyshire - (379 x 100)

Large logos
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DCN Cross (106 x 150) Derby Church Net (263 x 150)
Derby Church Net: One Church, Serving Derbyshire - (568 x 150)