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Terms and Conditions

By continued use of this website and other services of Derby Church Net, you must agree to the following terms and conditions.

By use of the Prayershield section, you are also agreeing to the specific terms and conditions for these pages.

Site Disclaimer

The information on this site comes from a wide variety of sources, and represents a range of personal perspectives. Any view expressed does not necessarily represent the view of the Church in Derbyshire, nor necessarily that of some or all its fellowships or organisations. By accessing this site you should understand that you may encounter such perspectives and opinions that may differ from your own.

This site is provided "as is", and no warranty is given as to its accuracy or usefulness. The information published is intended to be accurate and of suitable quality. However, errors and omissions cannot be ruled out, and no responsibility can be taken for any loss or problems resulting from the use of this material for any particular purpose.

All information is provided for personal use only, including any contact details provided as part of the Find a Church database or anywhere else on the site. Such information must not be used for marketing or mass mailing purposes.

Derby Church Net reserves the right to edit all contributions, and in certain circumstances, not use contributions at all.

Website Usage and Tracking Cookies

This website uses Google Analytics to gather information about trends of useage, which includes the use of Cookies. To use this site without such information being gathered, please either adjust your browser security settings to block cookies, or use the Google Analytics Opt-out Browser Add-on. Find out more about Google's policy at their Safeguarding your data page.

Adverts on this website are served using DoubleClick for Publishers by Google. This also uses Cookies, and you can find out more about Google's policy on this on their Cookies and DFP page, including how to opt out.

See also Google's general Privacy Policy for the UK.

Session cookies are also used for the logging in process to enable access to the members' area. We may track any changes made to data by users.

Emails sent on the website are stored on the server temporarily until the user validates their email address through the link provided by email to their address. Users are advised not to send confidential information using these systems. Data on which groups or individuals are being contacted may be collected to monitor useage, but not the content of email or identity of the sender (other than as aforementioned).

Links to External Websites

This website provides many links to external websites. These are provided as is for information only, and Derby Church Net is not responsible for the information or resources contained on any such site. Following such links is done at the user's own risk, and we recommend that the user takes all reasonable precautions whilst browsing the Internet, including the use of up to date security software.

The administrator aims to make any links as useful as possible, and of suitable quality for advertising here, but this cannot be guaranteed. Although all links are placed in good faith, and maintained as much as possible, the continued existence of any pages linked to cannot be guaranteed, especially within archive sections.

Church Inclusion Criteria

Derby Church Net works to ensure the services provided cover as many different Christian groups in the Derbyshire area as possible. However, it is recognised that there must be some guidance as to what is considered 'Christian' for these purposes.

The following criteria have been agreed in consultation with Churches Together in Derbyshire specifically for the purposes of the directory, but the same guidelines are used throughout the work of Derby Church Net. These are aimed at including what is generally recognised as Christian, and following the teachings of the Bible. To this end, the following criteria for inclusion apply:

A church, group or its parent denomination must believe in One God, who is Father, Son and Holy Spirit and either:

  • Be a full member of Churches Together in England (CTE); or
  • Be a member of the Evangelical Alliance (EA); or
  • Be a member of the Fellowship of Independent Evangelical Churches (FIEC); or
  • In the case of inter-church groups (i.e. groups formed for working together ecumenically), all the churches they represent must themselves be eligible for inclusion; or
  • In the case of independent churches/groups, or those whose setup makes membership of CTE, EA or FIEC difficult, they must have references from up to three leaders (each from different denominations), whose organisations are themselves eligible for inclusion.

Groups unable to meet these criteria are unlikely to be included, although are considered on a case by case basis. Please note we are unable to discuss the status of specific organisations other than with the leaders of that organisation or their parent body.

User Accounts

User accounts are only provided to those who require them. Login details must not be passed to or used by anyone other than the authorized user.

You should only have access to amend your own organisation's information, but if for any reason you gain access to other details, you must not interfere with it.

Any information entered in the user area must be accurate to the best of your knowledge, and you must have gained the permission of any persons to which it relates prior to entry. Please also refer to the data protection notice within the user area help section once you have an active account.

If you no longer require an account or have ceased to operate in the role under which you had access granted you should not continue to login. Please contact us so we can close the account, and provide access to the correct people.

Copyright and Data Protection

All information on this site is Copyright © 2000-2018 Derby Church Net, except where specified otherwise. No part of this site may be copied or distributed without permission, except where specifically stated.

All Bible quotations, unless otherwise stated, are from the Holy Bible, New International Version, Copyright ©1973, 1978, 1984, 2011 by International Bible Society, used by permission.

Derby Church Net is registered with the Information Commissioner for the Data Protection Act 1998. Personal information is held primarily for the Find a Church database and paper directory. Individuals and groups who have their data held for this purpose may contact Derby Church Net for information on the details held. However, a fee is payable for this, and it is easier in most cases to look on the web site or purchase the directory. The Diocese of Derby is also joint information controller for groups within this organisation.

No information contained within the Find a Church database or any other part of the site may be used for anything other than reference and personal use without prior permission of the data controllers, and is subject to UK law. We cannot supply mailing lists, labels, or other means for large scale contact with groups or individuals.

Governing Law

These terms and conditions are governed by any applicable laws relating to web sites hosted within the UK, and can only be enforced up to such limits set out therein. Any clause shown not to be enforcable does not invaildate the rest of these terms and conditions.

These terms and conditions may be changed at any time without notice.