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Adding an Event

This service is open to all Christian organisations listed in our database for Find a Church, and those from outside the area that otherwise meet the criteria for this arranging an event of interest to those in the Derbyshire region. Other organisations arranging an event that Christians may be interested in can also submit details for consideration.

Geographically we primarily cover Derbyshire and also consider events in the immediate surrounding area. Regional and national events may be considered if they are of particular significance to people in the county.

All contributions are subject to editorial discretion, including choice of categories under which they are listed.

Please note we do not normally list events that are purely aimed at your own congregation or just very local interest, or of a nature that many congregations run (e.g. coffee mornings or fayres). Regular worship services are listed in the Find a Church section.

There is currently no charge for this service, although contributions are always welcome to help ensure the ongoing work of the site and other activities of Derby Church Net.

We also have paid advertising opportunities available, to help you draw more attention to your activities.

Please contact us to submit your event. Remember, we don't know what you don't tell us!