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Using the Events Guide

The events listed in this guide come from a wide range of Christian groups across the area. Visit the Events Index for a list of activities covering this month and the next six full months.

Click on a category from the list at the top of the Events Index to see all related activities, or scroll down to see the full calendar. Only categories currently with at least one event in are shown. Other categories may come and go according to events coming up.

Click on an event title for more information about a specific event, which normally includes dates, times, venue, a description and contact/booking details (where applicable). There may also be a link through to more details about the venue and/or organising group (which may not always be the same).

Available information depends on that given by the event organiser, and may, without notice, be subject to change, be cancelled or become full. See our disclaimer for more information.

Please check with the event organiser using the contact information given before attending an event, especially if travelling a distance.