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The Christian Faith

Interested in the Christian Faith? Want to find out more?

Millions of Christians down the years have found that the promises Jesus made are true, and have come to know him as their friend and King. As they have chosen to put their trust in him, he has revealed himself to them - the start of a life-long journey of discovery.

Only you can make the decision to follow Jesus, but the church is here to help. Below are some places you can look for more information about the faith.

The Bible

A good place to find out information is in the Bible, available from many book shops and web stores (not just specifically Christian ones). Christians down through the years have found this book a source of inspiration, guidance, comfort and help. If you are new to reading it, start in the New Testament with, for example, John's Gospel.

Bible Gateway - Read the Bible online - Shop for a Bible
Round the Bible in 80 Ways - Bible reading resource from our online shop

The Bible says:

"For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life."
(Gospel of John Chapter 3, verse 16)

Find out more at your local church

There are many local Christians who can help you find out more about Christianity.
Use our online database to look for your nearest church centre around Derbyshire.

Find a Church
Tips on Choosing a Church

Find out more on the web

Why not try one of these sites for more info on the Christian Faith:

The Alpha Course
Popular course for introducing the faith used across the UK and indeed the world. Suitable whether you're just looking, recently become a Christian, or want to refresh your faith after many years. Many of these groups happening around Derby regularly, with new ones starting all the time (usually starting September/October, January or after Easter). Derbyshire has local co-ordinators for Alpha.

Bible Gateway
Read the Bible online in many different translations

Christian Enquiry Agency
Information about the Christian faith, on behalf of all the major churches in Britain and Ireland

Creation Ministries International
Answers to questions about Christianity, Science and more

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