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Traffiking Focus

Chellaston Churches hear about the issues

Churches Together in Chellaston hosted a Celebration Tea and United Service on Trinity Sunday, at which the Bishop of Derby, Rt. Rev. Alastair Redfern gave an address about the present human trafficking situation. The Rev. Loraine Mellor, Chair of Nottingham and Derby Methodist District offered prayers in the service.

Human Trafficking, the Bishop said, is the second largest criminal global business, with profits exceeding £17 billion, and an estimated 2.4 million people trafficked per year. The 'Trade' is driven by large businesses wanting cheap labour to maximise profits, and by many poor people using phones, and discovering the advantages of living in rich western countries, and so being willing to be trafficked. However, traffickers also exploit vulnerable people, including the homeless, and those with health or relationship problems. Children are also a target. The people trafficked to Britain are mostly from Eastern Europe and the Philippines, but they find that the traffickers do not keep their rosy promises.

Bishop Alastair highlighted some of the national and international legislation, including the Modern Slavery Act 2015.
He highlighted some of the ways individuals can help, including passing information to the police about suspicious situations, such as new roadside car washers, or numbers of men being loaded into a white van early in the morning. Practising Fair Trade is important, as is showing love to victims when released.


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From Derbyshire Church, Issue 175
By Dorothy Robinson
Some of those taking part in the service
Some of those taking part in the service
(Source: Dorothy Robinson)