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Alternative Flower Festival

Creative contribution to Ashbourne Arts

Ashbourne Methodist Church has hosted an official Fringe Event as part of the Ashbourne Arts Festival.

Flower festivals are very popular but this is a flower festival with a difference! You won't find a single fresh bloom insight – what you will see is over a thousand knitted, crocheted and sewn flowers attached to the railings at the front of the church. There are also plenty of ladybirds and bees – but no greenfly!

Organiser and church member Clare Sales said, "It has been great the way people have got involved and enjoyed all the months of preparation. I hope it will encourage townsfolk and visitors to cross the road and maybe even go into the church too. We can be part of the Ashbourne Festival in a joyful way!"

'Craft and Chat' is the weekly group where the festival has been planned with help from lots of people and also Guides and WI, with other people providing displays inside the church. The Craft and Chat facebook page has more pictures which might inspire others to do likewise!


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From Derbyshire Church, Issue 176
By Fiona Green
The handmade flowers outside the church
The handmade flowers outside the church
(Source: Fiona Green)

A closeup of the flowers
A closeup of the flowers
(Source: Fiona Green)